Writing to Google Sheets using Node JS

Recently, I was working on an IoT project and needed a simple way of sending data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Unfortunately a lot of the tutorials I found online were either outdated or recommended using libraries which no longer work with the Google Sheets API. So here is my... [Read More]
Tags: node, google-sheets, javascript

Setting up JWT authentication with Laravel and Vue JS - Part 2

This second and final part will focus on setting up authentication with Vue JS. We’ll be creating a login page, dashboard page which requires authentication, the Vue router, the Vuex store, a guard for routes which require authentication and a logout component. [Read More]
Tags: php, laravel, vuejs

Setting up JWT authentication with Laravel and Vue JS - Part 1

In this tutorial I’ll cover how to setup JSON Web Token authentication using Laravel and Vue JS. The tutorial will have two parts. The first part will cover setting up Laravel to generate JSON Web Tokens. The second part gets a little more interesting as it covers authentication using Vue... [Read More]
Tags: php, laravel, vuejs

Customizing Laravel's default authentication

Laravel’s default authentication scaffolding is very handy but sometimes you will need to modify it to suit your own needs. This article addresses a few common cases where you may need to modify the default authentication provided to suit your requirements. [Read More]
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Why use a framework like Laravel

Frameworks like Laravel are very popular and have been around for a while in the PHP community but they haven’t been embraced by everyone and their benefits aren’t always apparent. While there may be a few cases where using a framework doesn’t make sense, for the most part, there are... [Read More]
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A layered architecture approach to Laravel applications

The default place to “put things” in a Laravel project a lot of the time is the controller. I’ve seen and been guilty of creating “fat” controllers, which contain business logic, validation, knowledge of the data layer and relationships, etc. I’ve been testing different approaches and recently came across this... [Read More]
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