My name is Peter Plucinski. I’m a professional software developer and I live in Australia.

My History

I discovered a passion for computers when I got my first machine as a teenager. Early on, I attempted to teach myself C++ but I didn’t get very far. After writing a few simple command line programs I decided I would try writing a windows application. I quickly became discouraged after realizing how much work it actually takes to create a windows interface in C++. This was my first, early experince with programming.

I’ve had some adventures with computers in high school. After high school finished I decided I would do university and study something I knew nothing about but still found interesting and that could provide me with a decent career. So I studied finance and pursued a career in banking. For a number of years this was a good career and I learnt a great deal. However, I decided I didn’t really want to spend another decade or so in the industry. I went back to learning programming and shortly after got hired as a developer.

I’ve been working as a professional PHP programmer since then.